Clean energy sources are increasingly more available, and many Dutch residents are switching to a renewable energy provider. Having a say in what type of energy you use – wind, sun, water, or biomass - could be the ultimate game changer towards a pollution-free world.

Photo source: Vandebron

One of the most innovative energy offers comes from Vandebron, which means literally “from the source” in Dutch. This company is matching those who consume energy and those who produce it. It even allows consumers to choose where their energy is harvested from, by literally clicking the preferred provider and the source. For example, your fridge could run on electricity from a small solar farm owned by a lovely family in Limburg or a big Wind Park in Rotterdam. The company promises average annual savings of 75 Euro and it takes care of the switch from your previous supplier.

Green Choice is another energy company whose mission is to make The Netherlands green. They offer electricity produced from a portfolio of renewable sources such as biomass, wind, water, and sun. The company offers “green” gas. In order to compensate for the CO2 emissions, they plant trees and take care of 1 million hectares of forests in Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The company is also offering biogas, which is generated through the fermentation of natural materials such as manure and home and garden dirt. The monthly average price for electricity is 25-30 Euros, whereas for both electricity and gas it is around 100 Euros.

Photo source: Green Choice

There are many other options when it comes with choosing the right renewable energy supplier for you: Pure Energie,, or GreenFoot Energy. If you are considering to make the green switch, begin with estimating your annual energy needs and pick the best match. For example, 2 people living in a flat use on average 3000 kWh electricity and 1100 m3 yearly. Depending on your preference, you can choose a variable monthly cost or a fixed cost for 1, 2 or even 3 years. Do the Bright thing!