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Five saving tips: for an eco-friendly House Party

By: Cameron Heinz

Who doesn’t love throwing a good house party? You control the vibe, the guest list, the food and only have to stumble as far as your own bed at the end of the night. Imagine throwing a rager that not only has little negative impact on the environment, but actually gives back to Mother Nature in the end. Here are five easy steps that can change your trashy, plastic cup littered party into a fun, environmentally friendly shindig.

Photo source: www.contiki.com

1. Invitations – while it may be appealing to send out cute glitter-covered invites through old-fashion snail mail, let’s be honest, we live in an age of connectivity and it only takes a few minutes and nimble thumbs to send a quick evite on any number of social media platforms. Set up a Facebook group, tweet it, gram it, snap it etc. – you’re already making a positive impact environmentally, and the fun hasn’t even started.

2. Mood – ambience is important to set the tone and vibe as soon as your guests walk through the door. Strobe lights, lasers bouncing off disco balls and pulsating Christmas tree lights are fun, but they’re still sucking up electricity at the same rate as your drunk friend downs a bottle of vodka before midnight. A good alternative is lighting candles, or handing out cheap, kinetically rechargeable flashlights. The soft glow of candle light is perfect for initial mingling and flash lights are essential for the inevitable 2:00am dance party.

3. Food – your best bet is finger food as it require no plastic forks or plates. Grab some veggies from a nearby street market and cut it in pieces. Make some dip and you’ve created a delicious fork free snack!

4. Drinks – arguably more important than the food at any party. If possible, get in touch with an organic brewery and talk to someone about getting a keg. The only real problem with a keg is the abundance of plastic cups getting used and abused. Mason jars are a good alternative. Write each of your guest’s names on a jar and that’s their receptacle for the night. They can even take them home to recycle them into their own glass collection, or use them to make pickles.

Photo source: wildtalesof.com

5. And finally, as a ceremonious and bonding end to your wild night, give everyone a tree sapling to plant. This can either be done with the troopers left standing at sunrise, or the next day during your walk of shame. In the end, you had an awesome time, a completely different party experience and have given back to planet earth.

Photo source: www.pinterest.com